Page 2: Flying flags carry different meanings

Ariana Nguyen

Some people have been placing stereotypes on those who have the American flag as super patriotic and conservative. 

“I think it’s weird. No one likes America that much,” sophomore Lilliah Pacheco said. “They are probably conservative if they have an American flag hung up.”

The same stereotypes have been placed on those with a blue lives matter flag. Others feel like the flags represent their support.

“They show my honor for those who are protecting and putting their lives at risk for our safety,” sophomore Mason Drehs said. “If you don’t agree with what I support, then go to your own people and complain about it.”

“I have a ‘Back the Blue’ flag on many things because I believe that not all cops are bad,” sophomore Isaiah Elder said. “There is a very small percentage that makes all of them look bad. It has a much deeper connection with me since my father was a police officer for many years and many other members of my family have been, too.”

There are those who support police officers and believe in discipline for abuse of power, for example.

“If they want to demoralize people and not abide by the oath, they should just be straight up fired,” Elder said. “They are putting a negative reputation on all officers when a very small percentage is as ignorant as they are.”

Others don’t have a problem with the huge American flags or flags that support police and military members. 

“I don’t have that much of an issue with them,” junior Mason Stewart said. “They’re entitled to show their overbearing patriotism in any way they see fit as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else and it’s exclusively on their own property or person.”