Senior Mia Agpoon misses out on tennis postseason due to close contact

Alyssa Lai

The pandemic has hit DHS athletes hard, especially for senior tennis player Mia Agpoon. Due to close contact with a student who tested positive for Covid-19, she is quarantined and so she was unable to compete at regionals. And because she couldn’t compete in regionals, she had no way to qualify for the Class 6A tourney.

Q: When were you put in quarantine because of close contact?

Senior, Mia Agpoon

A: Last Thursday

Q: How did you feel when you found out you couldn’t compete in state for your senior year?

A: “I wanted to make this my third year to go to state. This is my last year of playing tennis for the school so getting that chance taken away from me was saddening. I never really thought this would happen. I was just about to switch to remote learning so that this wouldn’t happen. Also I was disappointed because I really enjoy spending time with my team but that time was cut short.”

Q: Have any of your teammates been affected the same way you have? If so, how?

A: “I know a couple have gotten quarantined and they missed two weeks of practice and maybe a couple of tournaments.”

Q: What really devastated you the most about not being able to attend state?

A: “Not being able to see how much I could have improved from last year’s state tournament.”