Quarantined …. again

Freshman Adrian Campos talks about being quarantined multiple times


Blake Chadwick

Q: How many times have you been quarantined this school year? 

 A: I have been quarantined twice this year. 

Q: How many days did you go to school before being quarantined again? 

A: I went to school for four days before being quarantined for the second time. 

Q: How do you feel that you haven’t been able to play as many soccer games this season because you have been quarantined? 

A: I definitely don’t like it, but if it means the rest of the team can play, then I guess it works for the bigger picture. 

Q: How have your parents felt that you have gotten quarantined twice?

A: They hate that they can’t come watch me play soccer, but ultimately they are happy because they know I am self isolated and I can’t catch the virus.