Adjustments necessary due to same classes every day

Shaye Comes

Due to Covid-19, student schedules are looking a little different.

Students have the same four classes every day, which is a big switch from previous years when Derby ran a block schedule with eight classes over two days, four per day. 

Having a restricted and repetitive schedule lessens opportunities for in-person students to make new friends. But it gives people the opportunity to see their friends every day, and maybe even build more long lasting friendships. 

Many students don’t really mind the changes and say it hasn’t affected them.

“It honestly hasn’t changed me at all,” junior Jossy Self said.

It’s more common to see the same people sitting together at lunch and the same people mingling in class. 

“I’ve gotten a lot closer with people in my classes and I sit at the same table for lunch every day,” junior Brooke Cooper said. 

Classes being every day also increases the chances that students will have homework every night — and if not every night, more often. 

“It has gotten a little bit harder this year because we have classes every day, but I think it’s mostly been harder for me to have tests every week,” senior Alexa Heseltine said.

Those taking college classes, however, are finding that their work load is not as heavy as the average student’s.

“I only take two classes here, chemistry and animation, so my work load isn’t that bad. I just study for my chemistry tests and then work on my animation projects in class. Butler isn’t bad either, just because I only have around two assignments for each class, but each assignment is due by the end of the week, so I’m able to go at my own pace and finish them when I want,” junior Katelynn Tiffany said.