Parcell: Rocky Horror Picture Show’s old school but worth it

Jordan Parcell

I’m the kind of person who really likes movie musicals and cult classics from last century, so it was kind of strange that I hadn’t ever seen “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” 

This movie is based on a stage play from 1973, but the film was released in 1975. For such an old movie, I was surprised by the suggestiveness of it. 

The main character is an alien man who dresses in a feminine manner and is openly not a heterosexual. In this respect the film is progressive, but the way the story was written is old school. 

It was written in the same style of those bad scary movies from the 30s-60s.

This is a fantastic movie, but it’s rated R and I would strongly advise not watching it around parents. I’m not sure about any of you but that would make me extremely uncomfortable. 

The run time is one hour, 45 minutes.