Volunteers affected by COVID-19

Alyssa Lai

The National Honors Society has lowered their required hours for volunteer work from 15 hours to 5 hours a month. This change was made because of the limitations the coronavirus has set on volunteers all over our community.

“Almost all of the activities/events that we typically rely on to provide volunteer hours have been postponed or cancelled,” teacher Robin Groskurth said. “I’m starting to get a few requests for volunteers, so I’m really hoping to have a variety of opportunities to offer NHS members.”

They are not the only club who relies on volunteer work to keep them going.

Several members of AFJROTC have been limited due to COVID-19.

It was very different volunteering this year,” senior Jaden Crease said. “I was doing the summer lunch program. We usually do it inside and in the middle school. But this year we had to do it outside and different package lunches instead of the trays. We passed out lunches to the cars and went back and forth to get the lunches. It was a really good experience. I love the lunch ladies there. It was challenging at first but it got easier after time.” 

Senior Bailey Sundquist doesn’t think COVID-19 has broken their stride.

“It has been a little different volunteering during this time, but we try not to let it affect us too much with how we help,” Sundquist said. “We have to wear masks and we have to be more careful about how close we are to people and try to touch them as little as possible. A couple events we have done so far is, when we went out to the Derby ESC to make supplies for schools. And second when me and a couple others went out and performed color guard for the new Veterans road sign on Rock road. It hasn’t affected us too much but we get it done and have fun doing it.”