Juniors already making college plans

Shaye Comes

Students are often put under a lot of pressure to figure out where they want to go to college or what they want to do after high school. 

Juniors in particular are facing their most difficult year of their high school career. They are forced to focus more on their futures, they take the ACT, and there is a lot more homework.

It’s one decision after the other, and figuring out how to apply to colleges, let alone get in, is a whole lot of work in itself. 

To adults’ surprise, a lot of students have already begun making these decisions and doing research on the topic. 

“I want to go to University of Boulder in Colorado,” junior Natalie Ulwelling said. “They have a good tennis program and I would love to live in Colorado.”

A lot of students would rather travel after high school than stay local.

“I want to go to a college of agriculture in Iceland or the University of Iceland,” junior Jossy Self said. 

Deciding where students want to go is one thing — figuring out a major is a whole other thing. 

“I would study business marketing and financing,” Ulwelling said.

Sometimes parents are the ones who, unfortunately, are making decisions for students.

“There’s this college in Colorado that my mom really wants me to go to,” junior Brooke Cooper said.

Juniors will be preparing more for their final year of high school and their college career as their year moves forward.