Teens more involved, outspoken about election

Shaye Comes

The United States is in the middle of one of the most monumental elections in history. Americans made records with voter turnout this year, and due to events and uproar this past year, voters made their decisions with energy and intensity.

Young voters have been encouraged more than ever to use their voice and vote. Celebrities and influencers have used their platforms to speak on issues they care about and are relevant to today. 

Young people in particular can be heavily influenced by the media and celebrities, but some are learning to use their own voices and make their own decisions. 

“I don’t think what celebrities say changes my views unless they’re citing sources,” junior Brooke Cooper said. “If they’re giving facts, then maybe.”

While some young people are influenced, others are not, simply because they don’t agree with the celebrity or feel differently than them.

“I’m not influenced by celebrities. I don’t like how celebrities try to shove their views down your throat,” junior Natalie Ulwelling said. “I think it’s wrong to use your platform like that.”

While many young voters who are 18 and older are being persuaded to vote, young people who can’t vote and are under the age of 18 are wondering if their voice is really all that important. 

“I don’t speak out on political issues on social media because I don’t have the confidence for it and I don’t want to get bashed for what I think,” said Ulwelling.

Many students use their social media as an outlet to use their voice, and get points across that they may not say aloud. 

“I post political topics on my instagram story, but I don’t like the conflict,” junior Jossy Self said. “I like to say what my opinion is, but I don’t like to fight with people.”

Whether it’s school safety, religious freedom, civil rights, women’s rights, or police brutality, Generation Z has witnessed it all firsthand. Speaking out on issues they believe in is being both applauded and ridiculed by older generations everywhere.