DHS goes remote

Panthers move from face to face to remote on Monday, Nov. 16.

Alyssa Lai

The gating criteria committee decided Tuesday to change to remote learning for middle and high school students. This decision will go into effect from Nov. 16 to Nov. 24.

The news was sudden, however, students weren’t surprised.

“I kind of knew we were eventually going to all change to online school,” junior Yasmin Vaca said. “There were too many risks and too many people not listening. Like taking off their masks when they’re with their friends and no teacher is watching,”

Junior Lauryn Jones applauded the school board’s decision.

“I think going remote is a smart decision because we are protecting not only our school but also our community,” she said. “Hybrid would also be a good option, but it’s not really up to us. I trust the school board to do their job.”

But freshman Jadan Denesongkham is not excited for the coming weeks.

“I felt pretty sad because I was excited to see everyone everyday,” Denesongkham said.

Still, Vaca thinks that this decision is for the better.

“I think this is safer, no matter how bad we all wish everything would go back to normal. I don’t see school going back to normal this year. Hopefully it does next year,” Vaca said.

In the press release, superintendent Heather Bohaty said the “positive cases and quarantine data will be reviewed again” on Nov. 25 to determine what learning mode will be used starting Nov. 30.