Winter sports to start as scheduled

Mya Studyvin

In a 53-22 decision, the Kansas State High School Activities Association voted to begin winter sports on time in December. 

“A lot of us found out right before practice started, and I think that kinda set the whole mood for our practice knowing that we have a game a week from Friday,” varsity girls basketball player Maryn Archer said. “I think that our voices persuaded the decision a little bit because they were able to understand that sports are always more than just a game to athletes, and we are so passionate and work super hard for them as well. Having that much less uncertainty about something we love fills me, and I’m sure a countless number of other athletes with joy.”

Competition will proceed as scheduled through Dec. 22. The usual moratorium, which extends from Dec. 23-27, was lengthened to Jan. 3. Competitions can resume Jan. 8

The meeting started at 1 p.m. today to discuss the impending question of whether winter sports would resume as planned with increasing Covid-19 cases across the state and the country.

At one point reaching over 6,000 viewers, the nearly 4- hour livestream featured coaches and public health officials speaking on the matter before voting.

No fans will be allowed in the stands until Jan. 28.

Below are student athlete’s reactions to KSHSAA’s decision:

Sophomore girls basketball player Adi Coppins: “I’m really glad that they decided to continue with winter sports because basketball is most definitely the highlight of my year. I do feel like the emails that all of the athletes sent persuaded the board members to vote against the partial season proposal.”

Sophomore wrestler Kaiden Corbin: “I love (KSHSAA’s decision) because it allows us to have a longer season. I would have been very upset (if they decided to postpone the season) because that’s the only reason I do school is for wrestling – I love it.”

Freshman girls basketball player Kyler Demel: “I am very happy and excited to be able to continue the season. We worked very hard this summer and fall getting in shape and working on our skills to be ready to play. I am thankful for their decision.”

Junior basketball player Fontaine Williams: “I did expect this decision, I prayed on it and let nature take care of the rest… this is definitely important for the seniors but it is also important that everyone stays Covid free.  I was so excited, the first people I went to tell were my parents who were happy with the decision. It definitely hurts (to not have fans) because fans are everything in the game of basketball, the way you can interact with the crowd and see so many get happy because of sequences you created. I love it, man, and and now that it’s gone it definitely don’t feel as real… but I’m still thankful we have the season.”