Winter break, holidays almost here

Zara Thomas

Just one more week.

December 19 marks the beginning of the winter break, which lasts until January 4, the first school day of 2021.

That means that we have less than one more week before winter break. Although you may not even need a calendar to be able to tell that the holidays are fast approaching. 

Many people can count on music, smells, or the general atmosphere around them to count on the holidays coming near.

For example, sophomore Kendyl Rico is reminded of the holidays by “the smell of cinnamon apple (and) hot chocolate,” and freshman Breana Stolt is reminded of them by “Bath and Body Works candles and Mariah Carey.”

These all make perfect sense, seeing as hot chocolate is often drunk after a long day in the cold this time of year, cinnamon apple and other candle scents fill households during the winter, and Mariah Carey’s famous song “All I Want For Christmas Is You” always makes its way to the top of Spotify and Apple Music charts in December.