Hale: We need 40-minute lunches

Kiley Hale

After five weeks of every student in online education, we were all used to the new schedule.

Especially the 40-minute lunch break.

Teachers had more time to get ready between second and third block, students had plenty of time to eat their lunch, and everyone was content with the amount of time we had to indulge in our lunches.

Now that I’m back in person, I’m back to the regular schedule and the oh-so-short 25-minute lunch periods during the third block.

I’m aware that third block allows for five 25-minute lunch periods, but 25 minutes just isn’t enough time.

I have first lunch, meaning I have to go from downstairs in P-hall all the way to the cafeteria, maneuver around the hoards of students just trying to get to class on time, race to the lunch line before it becomes a mile long, and finally sit down and try to finish my lunch before the music plays. 

Most days I get the alternate lunch option of a PB&J sandwich, Goldfish, and string cheese with a side of carrots and juice box. 

That doesn’t seem like a lot to eat, right? It’s really not, but after five minutes of getting to the cafeteria and five minutes waiting in line, that only leaves 15 minutes to eat my lunch, throw away my trash and get to class before the bell rings.

Forty minutes was a perfect amount of time for lunch. I never had to rush to eat my food and I always finished my lunch before class started. And most of the time, I even made my lunch and was still fine.

I bet I’m not the only one who got too used to that precious 40 minutes of lunch before the third block that served me very well.

Fact is, DHS needs longer lunches.