Derby seniors ready to move on

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Story By Alyssa Chenoweth

Panther’s Tale

The 2016-2017 year is coming to an an end, and this year’s class of seniors are soon to be move on to bigger things, including college academics, athletics and entering the workforce.

Senior Josh Clavin signed to play basketball at Friends, where he will major in accounting.

“I chose accounting because I’ve always been good with numbers, and it pays well,” Clavin said.

High school is supposed to be the best years of your life, full of memories and friendships.

“My favorite high school memories are senior year soccer and basketball seasons, spending time with my teammates,” Clavin said.

Spencer Olmstead signed with MidAmerica Nazarene University to play football.

“I’ve always known I wanted to do something sports related and the college I am attending has a good athletic training program,” Olmstead said.

Moving on can always be exciting but leaving familiarity can be tough.

“I’m excited to meet my team and new roommate, but i’m sad to leave all my friends,” Olmstead said “I’ve grown up with these guys my whole life, so it’s going to suck to leave.”   

Anna Guerra will be attending Kansas to be on the cheerleading team. Majoring in a challenging field like Human Biology should be a breeze for Guerra keeping a 3.75 GPA throughout her high school career.

”I chose to go into the HUman Biology field because science has always been my favorite subject”, Guerra said “While taking classes at the Butler ECHSA I realized I am very interested in the medical field and plan on using my major while to go into Pre Med.”    

Taylor Bynum will be attending Fort Hays to be apart of the cheerleading team and major in biology.

“I’m excited to experience a different setting than what I’m used to, like meeting new people and experiencing independence,” Bynum said. “I’m not ready to leave my closest friends and even more family.”

Choosing a Major can be one of the most challenging decisions, before deciding on Biology, Bynum looked into occupational therapy.

“I chose biology because I love the satisfaction of knowing I helped getting someone back into good health,” Bynum said.

Taylor Horn will be attending Butler before attending Wichita State University, majoring in Health Science for Dental Hygiene.

“My mom is in the dental field and it has always been something I found interesting,” Horn said. “I’m excited to move on or the most part, but I’m going to miss all the underclassmen and football games a lot.”


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Derby seniors ready to move on