Formal Day Friday: Students urged to dress up in their fancy formalwear

The Hollyball dance was canceled, so Friday’s Formal Day is a chance to look your best

Sara Brown

Many students have lamented the lack of opportunities to dress up because dances were canceled due to Covid-19.

KAY Club recognized this and decided to incorporate the missed aspect into the Hollyball Royalty election. 

On Feb. 19, everyone is invited to participate in Formal Friday giving people the perfect excuse to dust off their dresses and flaunt their fancy shoes. The Royalty candidates will be seen traveling the halls wearing crowns and sashes along with their formal wear. 

Panther Publications sent out a survey asking students about their participation in Formal Friday. 

“I really miss being able to dress fancy and being able to see everyone having fun,” freshman Breana Stolt wrote in response.

Out of 126 responses, 27% answered saying they plan to dress nice. 

“Dressing nice makes me feel pretty on the inside and out,” junior Jayden Gaylord wrote.

There were 27.8% that responded with “No” and 45.2% said “Maybe.”

“I just love to dress up. It gives me confidence like I’m the best in the room. I just love to dress up,” junior Clayton Knoblock wrote. “I plan on wearing slacks that are rolled, a button up colorful tee with the top two buttons unbuttoned.”

A Google form to vote for Hollyball King and Queen along with a link to a slideshow introducing the candidates was sent out through Skyward. 

Voting will take place until Feb. 18 at 3:10. The results will be announced over Zoom during homeroom on Feb. 19. 

King Candidates: 

Isaac Ray 

John Goodner

Jordan Parker 

Luke Stewart 

Jace Horn

Queen Candidates: 

Macey Truitt

Sara Brown 

Katelyn Bringhurst

Rachel Harmon

Jenna Wilcox