Burt’s Bees flavor ratings

Ariana Nguyen

Beeswax Lip Balm: 4/5 

  • Minty and leaves a lingering buzz on your lips. Doesn’t taste bad. Smells like gum.

Strawberry: 5/5 

  • My personal favorite. It has a sweet taste and it’s pretty subtle. Smells like a fancy cottage in the woods. 

Coconut & Pear: 2/5 

  • I personally do not like coconuts but this was slightly bearable. It’s very sweet but becomes irritating to taste every day. 

Vanilla Bean: 4/5 

  • Doesn’t have a prominent smell or taste, but it is kind of sweet and minty if you focus hard enough.

Pink Grapefruit: 1/5 

  • This flavor makes Coconut & Pear taste like heaven. Too fruity and sweet and has a lingering taste. It’s very annoying to smell and taste all day. It almost tastes like sugary soda but the bad kind.

Ultra Conditioning: 1/5 

  • This is really good at conditioning your lips, but it tastes so bad. It’s the only one that melts in your pocket and gets all mushy and gross. It smells bad too, so wearing it makes your lips smell like a hot car all day.