Pizza toppings and breading ratings

Ariana Nguyen


Meatlovers: 5/5 

  • Has all the meats on there. Delicious and tastes like a bunch of angels shot the fountain of youth through your veins. It also tastes like listening to the crackling of a fireplace as you’re warming up on a winter night.

Sausage: 4/5 

  • Gives me a headache after eating it, but it’s worth it. Used to be my all-time favorite but sausage-only started becoming basic. 

Pepperoni: 3/5

  • Too plain and basic. Tastes like elementary school. Has no real class. 

Hawaiian: 5/5 

  • Unpopular opinion: pineapple on pizza is actually good. Has spice and flavor unlike pepperoni. It’s different and unique and I like that.

Cheese 3/5

  • Boring. No toppings. Plain. Gets bland after a couple of slices. 



Thin-crust 0/5

  • Terrible. There’s no cushion for your gums so it’s basically a bunch of tiny bread knives stabbing you in the teeth. No flavor.

Hand-tossed 5/5

  • Has the cushion that every pizza should have. Full of flavor and big enough to dip in the sauce. Has enough breading to sprinkle enough parmesan cheese on.

Pan 4/5

  • Pretty thick and flavorful but isn’t very pretty. It’s ugly. Doesn’t have the natural bread feeling that hand-tossed has.