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Maren Prince


Sub-state qualifiers – Girls

101 Amara Ehsa Fr.

115 Alivia Owens Jr.

132 Maddie Snowbarger So.

143 Brenda Santillion Fr.

155 Callie Snowbarger Jr.


Sub-state qualifiers – Boys

106      Senior Cody Woods Sr.

126 Tate Rusher So.

132 Knowlyn Egan So.

145 Troy Allen So.

152 Cason Lindsey Sr.

160 Treyton Rusher Sr.

170 Jace Jenkins Sr.

182 Miles Wash So.

195 Lane Bernstorf So.

Class 6-5A girls wrestling: Thursday at Hartman Arena

Class 6A boys wrestling: Saturday at Hartman Arena


The boys wrestling team is proof that having a good support system makes a difference when it comes time to compete. 

The Panthers have done well and now have state in sight. They are ranked fourth as a team in Class 6A and nine wrestlers qualified for sub-state and were ranked in 6A as of Feb. 16.

Ranked wrestlers:

*Cody Woods, first 

*Tate Rusher, first 

*Knowlyn Egan, second

*Troy Allen, fourth

*Cason Lindsey, first 

*Treyton Rusher, first 

*Jace Jenkins, third 

*Miles Wash, second

*Lane Bernsdorf, fourth

Even though this year has been a bit different because of Covid-19, the Panthers are grateful for the opportunity to compete. 

“We all knew this wrestling season wasn’t going to be the same, but getting the chance to have a season is pretty great,” senior Cody Woods said.

The overall performance has a lot to do with the wrestlers’ friendships and how they support each other during practice and competitions. 

“It’s just a good time being there and working hard… we have some good times in the wrestling room,” sophomore Troy Allen said. 

The quality of relationships on the wrestling team influence individual performances, too.

“We’re pretty much just a big family, and the seniors have a huge impact on us. They’re great role models,” sophomore Miles Wash said. 

Coach Bill Ross added: “It’s a very hardworking group, and we’re looking forward to the postseason.” 

The seniors — Woods, Cason Lindsey, Treyton Rusher and Jace Jenkins — have been leading the team and paving the way for other wrestlers. 

“Wrestling is a sport that has tons of upsets and you need to make sure that you are ready and prepared for every match. Our team has a very lively and very fun atmosphere, but also a serious atmosphere that can buckle down and win duals/matches,” senior Treyton Rusher said.