My Top 10 Fashion Trend Predictions for Summer 2021

Reese Cowden


1. Vintage Head Scarfs – To keep the wind out of your hair or to style with a cool pair of sunglasses, this accessory is definitely on the top of must haves this summer.

2.  Colored eyeliner/mascara – Bringing a vibrant pop of color to the eyes like electric blue or hot pink.

3. Platform flip flops – These 90’s sandals are making their comeback this summer with a more modern take.

4. Patch Work Tops

5. Cowboy Boots – Country but making it modern fashion. Paired with a silk or sundress or classic denim these boots are not just for cowboys.

6. Bell Bottoms/Flare Jeans – With the anti-skinny jeans trend going on this past year and mom jeans coming back to popularity, the 1960s/70s bell bottom jeans are sure to make the next big appearance in the world of denim.

7. White Gogo Boots – Swinging all the way back to the 60’s with the white boots approved by ladies like Nancy Sinatra and Jane Fonda to spice up any look.

8. Chunky plastic rings/La Manso rings- Celebrity approved, hard to miss staple rings are turning out to be the new very popular piece of jewelry for this year.

9. Bermuda Shorts

10. Funky heels – All over Pinterest boards ranging from strappy, platform, open toe, and closed toe these unique shoes can bring out the personality behind the look.