Cute mobile games

Ariana Nguyen

This list will be about a few cute game recommendations for your phone! There will also be a section over other people’s favorite game and their screentime.


Hungry Hearts Diner

  • You play as an old lady who owns a restaurant. There are many characters you can interact with and unlock their stories. You earn money from selling food to upgrade the restaurant and can make different types of dishes from unlocked ingredients. Hungry Hearts Diner is a cute, Asian-orientated game that is fun to play to pass the time. 


  • Piffle is a cute strategic game where you have to pop blocks to progress to each level. The characters are animals! You can unlock different skins to change your character into a different animal like bunnies, cats, dogs, etc. It’s really cute and the color palette is soft. 

Animal Restaurant

  • You run a restaurant for animals and earn fish as currency. You can cook different food to appease different animal guests and clean the restaurant for extra money. You can hire animal workers to help manage your restaurant. All the characters are really cute and simply drawn. 

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

  • You play as the owner of a pizza restaurant and you serve many different customers from homeless people to cult members. You can unlock ingredients and upgrades to making pizza faster and efficient. You can also decorate your restaurant with holiday decorations and other items to increase money income and tips. This game is really cute and has engaging short stories. 

A Street Cat’s Tale

  • You play as a homeless cat trying to survive street life. Your mom cat is missing and so you have to find scraps from trashcans to trade and sell for food and other necessities. You live in a cardboard box when you first start but you can upgrade your house to increase health, hunger, movement, etc. This game is really cute but once you start playing, it is actually really sad.


“My favorite game is High Heels because I can live my fantasies of walking in 60 feet heels I’m such a baddie,” sophomore Kevin Nguyen said. “The game is just walking in heels to the end of the runway with obstacles. My screentime is 11 hours and 3 minutes.”


“The game I play is Clash of Clans. It’s a fun strategy game, but it takes forever to upgrade things,” sophomore Augustus Rogalski said. “I like breaking down peoples’ bases. Screentime is 2 hours and 36 minutes.”


“One of my favorites is probably Animation Throwdown,” sophomore Elias Brosius said. “It’s basically a card game with characters from popular animated adult shows. I spend about 10 hours a day on my phone.”


“I play Among Us the most,” junior Damien Couch said. “I like figuring out how to manipulate the other members into believing I’m a crewmate or trying to figure out who the imposter is. 


“It’s a series of up to 10 people. Up to three are imposters while the rest are crewmates who try to figure out who the two imposters are and vote them to their death or complete their tasks. The impostor’s job is to murder all the crewmates before the crewmates meet either of their objectives.


“My total time is probably like nine hours in my entirety of playing the game. In one sitting probably 30 minutes.”


“I like the chess app because it has these single-player puzzles using chess pieces and I do them when I’m bored or waiting for something, like before class,” junior Logan Pittman said.