Covid-19 Vaccination(Teachers Perspective Q&A)

Hailey Evans, Photographer

 Q- How do you feel about getting the vaccination?

 A- “I feel very happy about it and I wish it would’ve happened sooner, said Mr. Shetler.”

 A- “I feel good and hopeful i wanna help stop the spreading, said Mrs.Jacobs.”

 A- “I’m excited and I almost cried because I was that excited, said Mrs.Williams.”  

 Q- Does this vaccination affect you in a good or bad way?

 A- “It affects me in a good way because it makes me feel more comfort at school, said Mr. Shetler.”

 A- “In a good why because it will help Covid go away faster and i don’t wanna get it, said Mrs.Jacobs.”

 A- “In a good because this needs to go away so we don’t have to worry about Covid anymore, said Mrs.Williams.” 


 Q-How do you feel about being around so many kids everyday when you did get vaccinated yet?

 A- “I felt nervous about it, mainly nervous about bringing it home to my family, said Mr. Shetler.” 

 A- “I was very careful and use all the precautions to stay well, said Mrs.Jacobs.” 

 A- “I was really scared and i was afraid i would bring the vaccination to my father, said Mrs.Williams.” 


 Q- Do you feel relieved about them finally making a vaccination for Covid-19? 

 A- Yes I was very relieved and I’m happy they did it in such quick time, said Mr. Shetler.” 

 A-”Yes i do i think it is the only way its gonna stay or slow it down, said Mrs.Jacobs.”

 A- “Yes very relieved, said Mrs.Williams.”


 Q- Have you ever gotten Covid-19 or had too get quarantined since we came back in person after being remote?

 A-”I have not at all gotten Covid-19 or been quarantined, said Mr. Shetler.”

 A- “No I have not gotten quarantined or have had Covid, said Mrs.Jacobs.”

 A- “I had to be quarantined while waiting on a test but I haven’t had Covid-19, said Mrs.Williams.”