Cast announced for drama club’s spring play

Jordan Parcell

The DHS drama club is beginning preparations for the next play, “Get Smart” by Christopher Sergel. The play is based on a ’60s TV show of the same name, featuring a secret agent who is basically the anti-James Bond. 

The cast is as follows:

Cody Crist as Maxwell Smart

Brooklyn Bolain as Helen

Surrarie Hill as Myra

Sara Collins as Jane

Gretchen Ott as Fredrica

Alivia Bolain as Professor Dante

Haley Brown as Professor Zalinka

Devin Jarell as Agent 44

Corbyn Mosley as Chief

Lexi Mullen as Miss Finch

Charlise Nadeau as Hodgkins

Naomi Islam as Man

Jordan Parcell as Woman

R.D. Pipkin as Garth

Abrie Mong as Mary Wong

Becca Hershberger as Shirley Wong

Isabelle Charles Betsy Wong

Rune Turnbull as Mr. Big

Malia Hernandez as Big Sister

Sierra Duckworth as Little Sister

Ashlyn Rhue as Agent 99

Tyson Duong as Agent 13

Clarissa Chisham as Ann

Addison Norman as Jill

Eden Ivy as May

Mina Tanner as Laura

Kaycee Schulte as Princess Ingrid

Tyler Atherton, Jayden Gaylord and Nyssa Cullum as extras