Teachers reveal positives, negatives of synchronous teaching

Aubrey Nguyen

Teachers share their thoughts on teaching during a pandemic.

I think I’m getting better at this online teaching thing, but it’s not something I ever imagined in my tenure as a teacher. Honestly, synchronous teaching is very hard. I try very hard to make sure my remote students are as much a part of my class as my in-person teaching, and that takes a lot of effort and energy. It was easier when we were all remote, from a teaching perspective. From a mental health standpoint, it’s better for me to be in-person. I love seeing my students every day and they are the reason I’m here.”  

Reality 101 teacher Carrie Sharpe 

“It has been a challenge learning how to teach students who are not in class. I have to balance my time between students who are in person and students that I can’t even see because their video is not on. I don’t want to neglect either one of them. Students at home have a lot more responsibility on their shoulders managing their time, doing the assignments and making sure they turn them in. I think that the job could be done better if it was either all in class or all remote.”

Science teacher Kellie Capps

“I think that online learning is great for some students. I love collaboration, so I prefer to have my students in class when possible. My hope is that our recent experiences will change the way society looks at education and possibly give us the opportunity to improve our methods.”

English teacher Dianna Beck