Dealing with personal grief


Here are 12 helpful hints to help with your personal grief journey.

  1. Eat healthy foods — your diet makes an impact on your physical and mental health. 
  2. Get plenty of rest — grieving is exhausting. Let yourself get some sleep. 
  3. Talk to someone about your feelings. It’s important to share your thoughts and emotions instead of bottling them up. 
  4. Exercise helps — physical activity can help you release negativity. 
  5. Laugh — it really does help. Even when you’re sad or angry. 
  6. Reach out to your friends.
  7. Keep a diary or journal and write down your feelings. 
  8. Draw pictures and/or paint. Art can help you express yourself and your feelings. 
  9. Make a memory box or a book of memories. Include special pictures and thoughts about you and the person who died. This is something you can look back on when you want to smile. 
  10. Grief takes time. Don’t rush it. Learning to accept things intellectually is one of the hardest parts of grieving.
  11. Write a letter to someone — a counselor, someone close to you or the person who died. You don’t have to send it, but expressing yourself will make you feel better.
  12. Talk to other people who have also experienced loss. You can join a support group or a workshop. 


More information can be found through Ryan’s Heart, a foundation for grieving families.