Page 4: Signer: I hate student drivers and so should you

Evan Signer

I hate student drivers, and so should you. 

I park in the back of the school parking lot and no one parks around me, yet somehow my car got hit and is missing a piece of the bumper. 

No one even left any information. They hit my car and drove off. If the person who hit my 2009 Silver Chevy Impala is by any chance reading this, feel free to try and contact me and own up to your actions. 

 I have always disliked student drivers because none of them know how to drive properly. If you think this doesn’t include you, it does. 

Every teenage driver seems to have a god complex, and they don’t believe that anything can happen to them. As a result, they don’t pay enough attention or park the wrong way or even sideswipe a car in a parking lot. 

I don’t even know how you manage to hit a parked car with nothing around it unless you were a really bad driver and not paying even the tiniest amount of attention. 

I also dislike the way parents drive, too, because none of them know how to drive, either. 

Like parent, like child. I’ve been cut off going 80 mph on the highway by a minivan with children in the back. The parents seem to have a complete disregard for their children’s safety as long as they get them to their flag football meeting on time.

Parents are definitely worse than their teenage counterparts.

Unless they got their child a sports car. Teenagers with sports cars just drive recklessly. Although they seem to know how to park and drive normally when they want to. 

Even if you go under the speed limit, I still don’t like you. You’re just annoying at that point.

None of you know how to drive.