Should masks be mandatory or optional?

Ariana Nguyen

I asked several people whether masks should be mandatory or optional. These are their opinions.


*Sophomore Lilliah Pacheco

“Masks should definitely be mandatory. It not only protects others but it protects you as well. Masks are built to block out spit particles from other people when they talk, sneeze, cough, anything like that, and corona is spread by those spit particles. There’s genuinely no reason to not wear a mask. Some people may say asthma or other health issues, but even if that was the case, masks don’t prevent air from going through. Plus, you can easily wear a face shield which is less effective but still better than no mask at all. Speaking of basically wearing no mask, wearing your mask below the nose does nothing to prevent corona from infecting you and others. I don’t understand why people wear their mask below their nose, they look stupid and are the main reason why corona is still happening.”


*Sophomore LaNae Hostetler 

“I think masks should be mandatory until everybody is able to get the vaccine.”


*Sophomore Ebin Bonghi

“Well I just do whatever is best for everyone and if that’s wearing a mask then I’m fine with that. The masks are a little inconvenient.”


*Sophomore Mason Drehs

“Optional. I have two reasons. One is because I don’t want to be wearing these for five years or however long. I just want to live and be social like normal. I understand that some people would rather wear a mask either because they have insecurities and they would rather not show it. Me, personally, I don’t really care what I look like so it doesn’t matter if I wear a mask or not. Also to add if we are wearing masks still that still means that organizations are going to be shut down still and small businesses will still struggle with keeping track of covid rules.”