Mbezi: Just in case you forgot

Agness Mbezi

March 17 marked a year since schools were first closed down due to Covid-19. After this one year anniversary of battling this annoying pandemic, more things have started to open up and many masks mandates have been lifted. 

But just in case some of you have forgotten, we are not out of the woods yet. 

This is not the time to get complacent or lenient about wearing masking and social distancing. Rather, it is the time to encourage wearing masks and facial coverings. 

Sure, many of us would love to hang out with all of our friends and family, but the longer we continue to fail to acknowledge our responsibilities in handling this virus, the longer it will take for us to get back to our so-called normal lives. 

Maybe it is your right to not wear masks, but think about the people you’re going to infect if you contract Covid. It could be your siblings, parents or grandparents. 

Are they going to be fine or will they face the consequences of your actions. 

Just wear a mask so we can get this pandemic over. It’s not killing you. 

It’s actually saving your life and others’.