March Madness predictions: Gonzaga’s the pick

Cooper Chadwick

Tonight is the Men’s NCAA championship game between the Gonzaga Bulldogs and the Baylor Bears. 

Gonzaga, the top seed overall, is 31-0 and the No. 1 seed from the West. Baylor is a No. 1 out of the South with a record of 27-2.

There are many different predictions for tonight’s game with the most favorable that Gonzaga will win. 

“Gonzaga will win because of Jalen Suggs,” sophomore Deshon Reynolds said.

Suggs is Gonzaga’s freshman point guard, who averages 14 points and 5.5 rebounds and 4.6 assists a game.

“My predictions for the game tonight is that Gonzaga is winning it all,” sophomore Quincy Masumbu said. “I think Gonzaga has what it takes. They have a lot of talent and chemistry on their team to get the job done.” 

The game is at 8:20 p.m.