Page 4: Seniors bond over baseball

Ariana Nguyen

Bonding over shared interests is a wonderful way to feel connected. For seniors Grant ASh, Reid Liston and Kade Snodgrass, they did just that through baseball.

They have played baseball together for over six years and will continue to do so in college.

They will play at Neosho County Community College in Chanute.

In high school, Liston plays center field, Snodgrass plays shortstop, and Ash pitches.

“Kade and I have been playing with each other since we were 7 or 8, and I’ve played with Grant since I was 12,” Liston said. “It’s just awesome growing up with them and watching them grow as baseball players. And we are going to keep watching each other grow at Neosho.”

The anxieties that come out of leaving high school and setting foot into a new world will be eased because they will be together every step of the way.

“Knowing that I am going to have friends there really takes a lot of nervousness I had about going to college out because I know we are going to be doing pretty much everything together,” Snodgrass said.

It also helps on the field that they know each other’s abilities.

“I feel a lot better knowing when my friends and people that I’ve grown up playing with are going to be on my team for college because I know how they play and what to expect from them,” Snodgrass said.

The central aspect of their friendship has always been their shared love of the sport and will likely always serve as the constant common ground for the trio.

“I think baseball has definitely brought us together as friends,” Ash said.

While baseball is their core, this is certainly not the only thing the trio get up to in their free time. They also enjoy playing Rocket League which is a game like soccer but in cars.

“We hangout a lot outside of baseball. Kade and I like to fish and we all play video games together,” Liston said.