Chadwick: Recruitment during Covid wasn’t easy

Blake Chadwick

In most years getting recruited to go play college sports is hard enough, but like we have said over and over again this year, Covid-19 hasn’t helped anyone. 

For someone like me who is average in the athletic category and whose stats don’t jump off the page, we in a way thrive on having a coach at your game so that they can see what you really bring to the table.

I definitely was one of those kids who thought that he could one day play in the NCAA Tournament — because that is everyone’s dream. 

But in a way, this year of Covid has kind of thrown everything into perspective. You never know what is going to happen with games and being recruited, so now kids don’t have the luxury of getting to turn coaches away. 

My recruitment was crazy. I felt like I had a great summer of AAU basketball and from there, that propelled me to getting a chance at playing at the next level. 

I had three offers, two of them from NAIA schools in Kansas and another private junior college in Kansas. All it took was one, and then I felt my dreams coming closer and closer. 

Now, not every kid’s situation is like mine. Covid hurt a lot of kids because in a sense they are “tweeners” and coaches can’t tell if they are the level above them or their level based off of their game film. A lot of the time, film lies. 

The best thing that the Covid season taught me was that finding a program that appreciates what you bring to the table is the most important part, no matter the level.  

I’m thankful to find that at St. Mary.