Tim Henriques and Ebin Bonghi earn Textron internship


Trenten Wilder

Tim Henriques and Ebin Bonghi were two out of 100 students in Kansas to get an internship at Textron Aviation.  They both plan to use this opportunity to enrich their knowledge of the aviation industry and start their careers in aviation engineering. 

“It’s just like a really big deal for me because like that’s kind of jump starting my career as an engineer,” Henriques said. “I haven’t completely decided what kind of engineering that I want to go into, but I know I want to do something along the lines of manufacturing and product engineering.” 

“I’m very excited because [the internship] could be a very good opportunity for me to get a foothold in the company and stuff like that,” Bonghi said. ” I am looking towards going into aerospace engineering and working with PC boards and other electronics”