Hayden Smith thrilled to sign with Southwestern


Hayden Smith 

After signing on April 14, senior Hayden Smith took a little time to reflect on how special it was to sign to play college sports during the hectic year of 2021. 

Hayden Smith is a senior Derby golfer, who also served as a basketball manager.

“I was pretty excited to get to have my signing event at the high school with my family, even though it was different this year, it was still a cool moment,” Smith said. 

Smith was smiling ear to ear during the whole signing event, and from the Southwestern college tablecloth to the Southwestern shirts on all his family members, you could tell Smith was all in. 

“I chose Southwestern because I feel it was the best fit for me. It’s a smaller campus so I’ll get to know a lot more people and it’s close to home while being far enough away. I also really like coach (Bill) Stinson (Southwestern golf coach) because he has been really supportive,” Smith said.