Times are stressful for seniors

EllieAna Hale

Seniors’ schedules became busier and busier as the final term came to an end. The fourth term was only five weeks for seniors, who graduate on Sunday in an already shortened school year due to Covid-19.

Seniors, whose last day is Thursday, were overwhelmed trying to fit a nine-week curriculum into five weeks.

“(I am stressed), especially because all of my extracurricular things have things going on too,” senior Alivia Bolain said. “I had a drama production and many other things to worry about on top of my already difficult schoolwork.”

Math tests and comp essays every week. And in the fourth-year Biomed class, a five-month project was condensed into a couple of weeks.

Senior Bryleigh Cross was fraught with stress over her Biomed final project.

“We began working on our projects sometime in December,” she said. “We started with researching information about our topics to get background information, and then we began writing our papers and completing our projects.

“In all, we had to write a paper, make a trifold and present the project at the white coat ceremony if we chose to do so. I found the project to be stressful, but I think our school’s weird schedule made it even more difficult.”

Math classes had fast-paced schedules.

“I would imagine that a math class would be pretty challenging with a shortened schedule,” senior Austin Brotton said.

Simply said, things were hectic.

Some students felt that they missed out in classes.

“You’re not studying to learn, you’re studying to test,” Morgan said. “I also believe crunching down an already watered-down curriculum, which is not by any fault of the teachers, makes it impossible for it to be meaningful studies.”

These uncontrollable circumstances have changed DHS curriculums tenfold.

I think many teachers deserve thanks for doing their best in the circumstances we’ve been provided,” Morgan said. “I also think many students need congratulations for doing their best under the pressure of this year.”

Other responsibilities outside the classroom also weighed down on seniors.

“I’ve been really busy lately with preparing for “Get Smart” and (the) POPS (concert), as well as some personal stress, and that was really difficult,” senior Sierra Morgan said. “For me when I have a lot of looming responsibilities it can be really overwhelming to even start on one so I easily fell behind in my class.”