Cayleigh Cavin’s design showcased on masks as part of Kansas Beats the Virus


When the Kansas Leadership Center launched Kansas Beats the Virus, the yearbook and newspaper classes — Panther Publications — put a group together to help.

The journalism students used the grant money from the KLC to purchase masks with the graduating years of all students. Students who shared the benefits of wearing a mask while fighting Covid-19 were given a mask with their class year on it.

The second part of Panther Publications’ plan was getting students to create designs for masks. 

Freshman Cayleigh Cavin’s submission was chosen, and students and staff are not receiving the masks if they share how masks have helped.

 submitted a mask design for #KansasBeatsTheVirus. 

“I got (the inspiration) from one of the past things I did,” she said. “It wasn’t for a design or anything, but I remember doing word art because I got bored. It took me a second to figure out the words I wanted to put on it, and then the colors, too. And then I realized black and green would probably work.”.

Cavin believes that wearing masks have helped decrease the number of positive Covid-19 cases.

“By wearing a mask you can protect those around you for those that can’t really wear a mask for medical exemptions and protect yourself just in case others decide not to wear a mask at all,” Cavin said.