Student Summer Plans

Zara Thomas

Camps, jobs, traveling, Drivers Ed, road trips. Last summer, almost all of these things were made impossible because of travel restrictions and not being able to be even a few feet away from family and friends. 

This summer, however, the possibilities are endless. Traveling restrictions have decreased tremendously in the past year, and vaccines have made it possible for people to see and hug their loved ones.

Sophomore Emily Watson, for example, is going to “Orlando, Florida to visit friends,” she said. It’s something she wasn’t able to do last summer because of Covid-19.

Many high school students are getting summer jobs so that they can earn extra money, either for themselves or for other necessities. In a survey of 59 students, 58% said they would be getting a job for the summer, and another 22% said they probably would.

“I’m going to be working with my dad because it lets me stay with him longer and I’ll be able to have money to get a car,” freshman Kayleigh Burgess said. 

Drivers Ed is also being offered this summer, with one session in June, one in July. 

Sophomore Jacob Johnson is taking Drivers Ed because “it will be good practice, as well as good for insurance prices.”

Derby’s waterpark, Rock River Rapids, is also introducing a new waterslide this summer, which 78% of 58 students surveyed said they would most likely be trying out.