Stress comes with AP exams

Cooper Chadwick

The AP European History test was administered May 19 to all students across the country who signed up to take it.

The test started at 11 a.m. and ended nearly four hours later.

Most of the students were sophomores, and for many, it was their first AP exam.

“I was worried I wasn’t going to remember the little details and was very stressed out about it beforehand,” sophomore Thu Lee said. “… But on the morning of the test, I felt strangely calm because I knew that I had prepared to the best extent that I could.”

Assistant principal Alison Strecker suggested that counselor Kim Drake take Argo, the therapy dog, into the orchestra room to calm some of the waiting students.

The test was split into three parts: 55 minutes of 55 multiple choice questions, 40 minutes for three short-answer questions, a 20-minute break, and then finally, over the final hour and 45 minutes, one document-based questions and two short-answer questions.

Five is the highest score, while 3 is the lowest one can get to still pass.