Last Day of School – Half Day and Finals

Zara Thomas

After many long months, the end of the school year is finally here. Wednesday, May 26 marks the very last day of school, which is also a half day, which means students are released from classes at 11:24.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, students have their finals, as well. On Tuesday, they take finals for their third and fourth block classes, and Wednesday their first and second block classes.

“I’d rather have all (the finals) on Tuesday, just to have some last interactions with my friends on Wednesday in case I can’t talk to them over the summer,” freshman Jakob Tedrow said.

Some students think all the finals should be on Tuesday, and some like that they are split up between Tuesday and Wednesday.

“(I’d rather have) two on Tuesday and two on Wednesday, because having them all in one day is more stressful,” junior Emma Tanner said.

With only having to come to school for half a day on Wednesday, students are free to do what they want for the rest of the day, and many have already made plans on what to do.

“I’ll go eat with my boyfriend and his friend at either Sonic or McDonald’s,” junior Jayden Gaylord said.

With the weird and stressful year students have had, many are glad to finally relax during the summer and not have to worry about school for two and a half months.

“Nothing about this year feels like it’s ended yet,” said Tedrow. “It’s a never-ending journey, and I’ll enjoy it until it ends.”