Masks or no masks?

Samantha Perez

Why do you choose to wear your mask to school, even though it is optional?

A: “Nobody wears their mask. I don’t feel safe. There’s already been positive cases that have been confirmed by our teachers. Even though I am vaccinated, I still would rather to wear it.”

  • Senior Aubri Rice

A: “Most of it is because my mother is pregnant. I have a brother who just turned a year old, and so I’m making sure no one in my family gets sick. It can be deadly.”

  • Freshman Alyssa Hargis

A: “I would like to wear a mask because since Covid is still around, I would like to keep myself safe.”

  • Freshman Justin Tang

A: “I don’t wear a mask because I’m fully vaccinated and I hate wearing them.”

  • Junior Isabella Griffin

A: “I got vaccinated like a couple months back. I think I’m OK, but like, if the numbers start increasing, I’ll probably wear one again.” 

  • Junior Shardae Sanders