Drama Club holds auditions for fall show

Jake Hardin

Auditions for the Drama Club’s upcoming play titled “Blithe Spirit” were held Monday and Tuesday. The cast list will be available next week.

“‘Blithe Spirit,’ to the best of my knowledge, is about this man who marries this woman and she, unfortunately, passed away,” senior Surrarie Hill said.

“It just delves into this whole timeline, this whole plot of him dealing with these ghosts and the people that are there in his mansion.”

Drama Club is off to an early start, as ‘Blithe Spirit’ will be performed in the DHS auditorium from Oct. 21-23. Many who are in the after-school activity are new students to the building.

“(Drama Club’s) full of interesting people to say the least; it’s pretty diverse. You got the weird ones, the serious ones, we’ve got a couple of popular ones in my opinion, myself included,” senior Devin Jarrell said.

Cinderella – the group’s spring musical – will be performed Feb. 10-12.