Sophia Edmonson: Conspiracy theories abound for Spider-Man’s “No Way Home”

Sophia Edmonson

On August 23 Marvel’s Spider-Man “No Way Home” teaser trailer was released and, in less than 24 hours, it had 355.5 million views, breaking the record of highest viewed trailers.

The previous record holder was the Marvel Avengers Endgame trailer in 2019 with 289 million views. 

Many fan theories have been going around social media about the Spider-Man trailer.

I haven’t been a Marvel fan for long, but it didn’t take much to get me hooked. 

Out of all of the theories going around here is my favorite”

In the “No Way Home” trailer, we were given confirmation that both Doc Octopus and Green Goblin will be returning. 

But I believe that all of the Sinister Six from the comics will be returning. The Sinister Six are a group of villains who join forces against Spider-Man as a common enemy. 

It has been speculated by many fans, including myself, that in one of the clips in the trailer, you can see a huge lightning strike/storm. Electro is also one of the villains going after Spiderman in the comics and in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” He also happens to be one of the Sinister Six in the comics.