Shay: School stress can be damaging

Nik Shay

Math homework. English essay. Science lab. Sports practice. Work. Clubs.

There is so much students are expected to do and more in order to be accepted into a good college, only to be drowned in more work and student loans.

In today’s standards, pressure on students is daunting, affecting their mental health and social life.

I remember being in middle school and struggling before every test I would have. I studied so hard, trying not to disappoint my parents or my teachers. 

If I did disappoint, I felt like a failure, like I wasn’t going to be something in life. 

This type of pressure, especially on someone so young, can be damaging.

Standardized testing is exactly what that does, pressuring so many students into juggling more than they can and falling behind when they burn out.

Affirmation instead of displeasure can go a long way with the help of burnout.

Having someone be there to encourage you and tell you how good of a job you are doing boosts your productivity.

Some may say that no one is going to be there like that when you are an adult, and while that may be true, we aren’t there yet. Or that when they were young, they juggle everything students today do and do it better.


Jeopardizing your child’s mental state for an ‘A’ is never the answer.