Hardin: Free Guy worth the time

Jake Hardin

Throughout the years I’ve always been a fan of Marvel films.

This newer release from the franchise — Free Guy — piqued my interest. I wanted to find out why the movie had such a public reception. 

The movie starts off with an introduction to the main character. Guy (starring Ryan Reynolds) lives in Free City; a place where incidents of gun violence, bank robberies and other heinous crimes occur on a regular basis.

Guy is a bank teller and is used to this type of mistreatment. He and his coworkers treat being robbed as the norm and live out the same routine every day is comedic. 

I found some of the developments confusing at times but also very intriguing and easy enough to follow.

The main dilemma in the movie is about coding copyright, as Free City turns out to be a video game. 

Keys and Molotov Girl — two characters in the real world — fight to prove to everyone that the creator of Free City, known as Antoine, stole their work.

Guy is an essential part of the game as he is an NPC (non-playable character). Him not being an actual human but instead the first sign of artificial intelligence was astonishing and impactful to the rest of the story.

One of my personal favorite scenes was when Guy fought a large clone of himself called Dude. I call it Ryan Reynolds — but better.

These two have a back-and-forth fight to the death involving lightsabers and many other movie cliches that had me and most of the theater audience laughing hysterically.

What I love about Dude is that his coding is incomplete and how it goes to show.

“There are three things I love in life: kicking ass, TBD, insert third thing here,” said Dude, the unfinished NPC.

I’d describe this movie as a gamer’s love letter. There’s a consistent plot, fun references to other popular films and video games and amazing actors such as Taika Waititi who plays Antoine.

The writers take this dialogue that seems complicated from a distance and turn it into something that’s beautiful and easy to understand. I highly recommend watching this if you’re looking for quality entertainment.