Page 3: Devault – Best chocolate milkshake in Derby

Kyle DeVault

Sonic – The Sonic milkshake was a great way to start off the day. It was easy to get through the straw, and it had a pretty good taste. – 8/10


McDonald’s – The McDonald’s milkshake was not good. It was like drinking thick chocolate milk. – 3/10


Arby’s – After my first few sips of the Arby’s milkshake, I thought it was really good. However, after four or five sips, it started to taste really bad, almost like I was drinking a mix of water and dirt. – 4/10


Wendy’s – When I tried Wendy’s frosty it didn’t live up to my expectations. It was good, but there wasn’t as much flavor as I would have liked. The texture and consistency was decent. – 8/10


Spangle’s – The Spangles milkshake was good. It had great flavor and it had little chocolate chips in it that made it even better. – 9/10


Chick-fil-A – The Chick-fil-A milkshake was decent. While the consistency was pretty good, it had the gross chocolate milk taste. – 6/10


Freddy’s – The Freddy’s milkshake was really good. It was hard to get through the straw, but when you did it was an amazing treat. – 7/10


Braum’s – The Braum’s milkshake had everything going for it. It had a perfect amount of sweetness in the taste, amazing consistency and there was nothing inherently bad about it. – 10/10