Page 3: Patterson – What If…?

Mathieu Patterson

Have you ever wondered of the infinite possibilities that could have happened within the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Have you ever thought of the strangest ¨what if?¨ conspiracy theories of the avengers? Like what if T´Challa became a Star-Lord? Or what if the world lost its mightiest heroes? 


Well, The Watcher has all of the answers to your questions. 


In the show “What If…?” he takes us on an adventure through the universe to all of the infinite possibilities of the Marvel universe, where time has no limit.


This show started on August 11 when Marvel and Disney released their first episode on Disney+ titled “What if Agent Carter were the first Avenger.”


I know you´re probably wondering who is The Watcher? 


The Watcher is a race of extraterrestrials/cosmic beings that watch the entire Multiverse. They are also known to be the oldest species in the universe and are committed to observing and compiling knowledge on all aspects of the universe without any interference.


If you are a Marvel fan, have Disney+ or are simply looking for something to watch, then I recommend the new ¨What If…?¨ animated series. 


I think it is a really good show because it flips the scripts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and reimagines Marvel´s famous events in many unexpected ways. 


It even includes some of Marvel’s fan-favorite characters in alternate worlds from the ones we know such as Howard The Duck, Thanos, and Agent Carter. 


So If you are reading this right now, then go subscribe to Disney+ and watch the animated series. If you choose not to, then you are missing out on the important events In the Marvel Universe.