Friday’s pep assembly: same fun, different venue

Kaidence Williams, Production Editor

The school year’s first pep assembly will look a little different. 

For one, it will be held outside on the artificial turf field instead of in the gym. 

“Administration made that decision based on trying to provide the Homecoming experience to students and keeping the district’s mitigation strategies for contact tracing,” said Sara Wilson, the Student Council sponsor.

Many students have yet to attend an assembly. Because of Covid-19 preventing any mass gatherings during the 2020-21 school year, current freshmen and sophomores haven’t been a part of any DHS pep assemblies.

Wilson says it felt important to have one this year.  

“We didn’t have a single pep assembly last year. Not one. And the things you remember about high school are the fun things and traditions like pep assemblies,” Wilson said. 

 The assembly is Friday afternoon during homeroom.

There will be performances from the cheerleaders and the dance team, and the Homecoming court will be announced. 

Students will be dismissed early from Block 4 to their homerooms. They will have the option to attend the assembly, stay in their homerooms or attend a club meeting.