Five best things at Five Below

Larry Marczynski

Five Below’s grand opening in Derby was Sept. 3, and I am already obsessed. 

The options are almost endless from makeup and beauty products to room decorations and it’s all for $5 and below. Here are my top five best value products from Five Below.

1. The T-Shirt collection

The T-Shirt collection is extensive and trendy with multiple options for men and women. Some of the shirts have already sold out, which makes sense because they are $5.

2. Incense

Most of the time when you go to buy incense, it will cost you around $20 because most places sell sticks in bundles of ten. At Five Below, you can buy 4 Sticks for $1, a great price. I bought eight sticks when I visited the first time.

3. Candy

Five Below has an entire section dedicated to candy. They have a big display for a reason. There are two large stands of candy that are 10 pieces for $1, which is a cheap option. There is also a large selection of novelty candy.

4. Room decor

There is a section hidden in the back filled with trendy room decor. I bought a magnetic board to put cute messages on or for inspiration. The board was $3, which was cheap compared to Target or Walmart. 

5. Games and toys 

A large portion of Five Below is dedicated to games and toys. I found an outdoor chess/checkers game made for all ages. We brought it home and had a fun night trying to beat each other in a game of checkers.