Students predict homecoming royalty

Alyssa Lai

On Thursday, students will vote for homecoming royalty and some already know who they are voting for.

“Parker Tauer will win king, because he’s really charismatic and a lot of people like him,” junior Lexi Mullen said.

For queen, Bella Karel seems to be a popular vote.

“For the girls, I think Bella Karel is going to win because she’s generous to literally anyone even if she doesn’t know them that well and she’s good in school,” senior Carsyn McIntire said.

Junior Mason Madrigal is confident about his prediction.

“I think Natalie Ulwelling and Cayden Brown are going to win because they are both very respectful to everyone and just likable people,” Madrigal said. “Nobody seems to have problems with either of them.”

Junior Rylie Miller is rooting for her friend.

“I think Natalie (Ulwelling)  is going to win most definitely and I really hope Parker (Tauer) wins,” Miller said. “Parker’s just amazing. I love him so much and he’s my favorite. He’s not like your typical homecoming king either like I think he deserves it most.”

Senior Carson Thrailkill knows who he’s voting for.

“Andy (Denesongkham) and Bella, Andy is one of the most likable guys I know and Bella is the same way,” Thrailkill said.

Homecoming candidates:

Queen: Macy Dowell, Natalie Ulwelling, Samantha Lees, Bella Karel

King: Logan Bach, Cayden Brown, Andy Denesongkham, George Nikolav, Parker Tauer