Comes: Rating the rich at the Met Gala

Shaye Comes, Content Editor

The Met Gala gossip is back, and celebrities attending this year did not come to play. This year’s theme was “In America: a Lexicon of Fashion”, which was very obviously interpreted in many different ways. This year’s Met may go down in history, with many statement pieces, many on-theme pieces and many odd design choices. 


Rihanna and A$AP Rocky

First up, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky debuted their relationship for one of the first times, resulting in quite the riot from publications covering the event. 


Rihanna’s Balenciaga coat dress was serving extreme haute couture, on-brand for her, but not totally on-theme. Either way, she came out, she was a cause for good gossip, and she looked amazing as always. Rating: 8/10


A$AP Rocky was wrapped in a colorful quilt, custom made by American designer Eli Russell Linnetz. He later dropped the quilt and revealed a black suit, much more suitable for Rihanna. A$AP Rocky seems to look good in nearly anything, so while it wasn’t on-theme design wise, he still killed it and looked amazing. Rating: 7/10


Emma Chamberlain

In a beautiful Louis Vuitton dress with a high-low mini skirt, Chamberlain absolutely rocked her first Met. Her hair was perfect, her jewelry was amazing, and her makeup was killer. Overall, she was not wearing an American designer and her dress was not American designed, but I think the piece she wore was a perfect introduction to the Met Gala. Rating: 9/10


Timothee Chalamet

Showing up in all white, Chalamet chose an interesting combination of pieces to create his ensemble. Wearing a white suit jacket and white sweatpants designed by French designer Haider Ackermann, Chalamet added a very all-American piece, white high top Chuck Taylor’s. I was very skeptical seeing his outfit at first, but I have to say, the addition of Converse was brilliant. Overall, I’m fairly impressed. Rating: 8/10


Frank Ocean 

Wearing Prada, Ocean made an interesting comeback after his nearly year-long hiatus. Carrying a green robot baby along with him, heads were absolutely rolling. Rocking the lime green buzzcut only further added to the beautiful weirdness. Ocean’s three piece suit added more dimension to his strange company. I won’t lie, I was struggling to find the on-theme connections in this ensemble, but for some reason, I loved it. Rating: 7/10


Addison Rae

Rae’s ruby red Tom Ford for Gucci gown turned heads, but not because it was new and unseen. Many critics revelled in the fact that Kourtney Kardashian had previously worn a similar dress to a Christmas event, and thought that Rae was copying Kardashian. Personally, I think this gown was definitely on theme, but I thought it could have been bigger and better. I was disappointed that she was even there in the first place, but to show up in something so blah only added to my disappointment. Rating: 6/10


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC’s Brother Vellies white gown with the words “Tax the Rich” etched throughout caused thorough controversy inside and outside of the Met. Being a political representative, it only made perfect sense for her to make a political statement. The gown was beautiful, controversial and quite on-theme and on-brand. Rating: 7/10


Kim Petras

Now this is truly one for the books. We’ve seen some quite outlandish looks, but this may take the cake. Designed by New York’s Collina Strada, Petras was not horsing around. While the horse aspect is absolutely one of the oddest things most critics have seen, I love it. I love how we’ve never seen it before and I love that it probably won’t be seen again. It’s absolutely American and I thought she rocked it. Rating: 7/10


Kendall Jenner

Wow is all I can say. This might be my favorite look of the whole night. Wearing Givenchy, her classic ball gown was a modern take on Audrey Hepburn’s style, which is just so America. I think that her design team absolutely knew what they were doing and they couldn’t have done it any better. I applaud the simplicity, but I also applaud the fact that everyone understood her take and the meaning of the gown. Jenner understood the assignment, and she took the theme and ran with it. Rating: 10/10


Jennifer Lopez

Rocking Ralph Lauren, JLo was looking incredibly western and incredibly American. So many people hate this look but I really do like it. It’s so on-theme and couture enough for the Met, while still casual and fun. Rating: 9/10