Devious Licks spends school’s money

Larry Marczynski

On Sept 15 after school, Derby High administration released a statement about the current TikTok trend called “devious licks”. The problem has spread across the country, becoming apparent here with multiple bathrooms missing soap dispensers and paper towel holders.


“…we have experienced the removal/theft of several items including a fire extinguisher (recovered and repositioned) and over ten soap dispensers,” the district wrote in an email released to students, staff and families.


Many have pointed out how the lack of soap in the bathrooms can cause a hygiene problem in the school. Without being able to wash our hands. However the school can’t get any replacements. 


“We also are experiencing significant delays in receiving replacement supplies due to supply chain issues,” wrote the district in the email.


Something the people stealing the school’s property didn’t think of is the financial consequences of their actions. With the district having to buy replacements that money can’t go to other resources the school needs such as test prep books or materials for art classes


“Real monetary costs of these acts are ultimately levied against all the parents that pay taxes to provide the many items associated with the school,” wrote the district in the email. 


This ultimately momentary TikTok trend has a real effect on everybody in the school from football players to artists. The money it costs to replace these items could have been spent buying new uniforms next year or helping the art department purchase new supplies. Parents are also being effected with their tax money being essentially wasted on a stupid TikTok.