Cross country selling bracelets during lunch

Hailey Jeffery

Seniors Vy Nguyen, Vivian Kalb and junior Isaac Brown sell bracelets during first lunch on Sept. 30.

Q&A with junior Isaac Brown and senior Vivian Kalb

Q: Why are you selling these bracelets?

A: “It’s a fundraiser for cross country. Any kid that wants to come out, it lowers costs for expenses when we go on camps. Overall, make our experience way better and less expensive,” Brown said.

Q: How long are you selling the bracelets?

A: “We’re selling them (un)til next next Friday, (Oct. 8),” Kalb said.

Q: How is the fundraising going so far?

“It hasn’t gone bad, it’s been pretty good. We’re sold a couple but I think as the week gets going and people start hearing about it we will sell more,” Kalb said.