Waughtal: Hocus Pocus Review

Haley Waughtal

Hocus Pocus 2 has begun filming in Rhode Island and the Halloween season has started, so I couldn’t help but think of the original Hocus Pocus again.

This movie is my whole childhood. I can recite most of the movie word for word. 

I may be biased because it is a childhood movie, but this movie would be 1,000,000/10 for me.

The characters, the writing, the complete amazement I feel when I watch the Sanderson sisters speak and use their magic. Everything is perfect. 


The movie has an amazing storyline. There is a false climax to it, and I love it more than anything. You think that the movie is about to end, but truly there is 30 minutes left of the action-packed story. 


The costumes for the witches are also so well done. They truly do look like real witches.


The movie also has humorous aspects to it. My favorites are when they use mops and vacuums as brooms, and the fact that there is a cat that makes snide comments about the Sanderson sisters.

This movie is a staple in most homes during the spooky season, and I know a lot of people dress up as the Sanderson sisters.

If you have not seen this movie you must, and if you say you don’t like it, rewatch it anyway.